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November 05

How you can Analyse the performance of the British Pound

5th November

6:00 pm London time

Set strong foundations by letting Michalis teach you the essentials, and learn how to properly analyse the GBP.

November 12

How you can use price Action Trading

12th November

6:00 pm London time

Learn how to conduct an advanced Technical Analysis by using the price action method, to get better at spotting trends.

November 19

How you can trade using the Elliot Wave Analysis

19th November

5:00 pm London time

Understanding how to use one of the most important financial analysis methods to identify promising opportunities.

November 26

How you can choose the right Indices

26th November

5:00 pm London time

Find out how to choose the right Indices to trade with, improve your strategies, and get your trading groove on the right way.

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Meet Michalis

Straight from the heart of London, in the aid of all Stratton Markets traders, comes one highly analytical, meticulous, and skilful financial observer. He is Michalis Efthymiou, and he’s Stratton Markets’ brand new Market Educator! With his fresh perspective on the markets, and after having traded himself for almost a decade, Michalis is often a guest speaker in global Forex Expos, including several in London, South Africa and Dubai.

Before this trading market prodigy worked as a Financial Adviser in central London for well over 5 years, he advanced his trading knowledge by attending the London Institute of Banking and Finance. This is where Michalis got his Mortgage Advice and Practice CeMAP certification. Following this, he didn’t stop there and went on with his studies, getting an advanced CySEC certification.

While maintaining his part-time lecturer job at a college where he teaches economics and trading, this ex-fund manager also managed to set up two forex trading educational centres (one in Nigeria and another one in South Africa). The two trading academies, he says, will always be his most uplifting achievements.

Although Michalis is fully preoccupied in enriching his financial service portfolio, that is taking up all of his professional and personal time, he still manages to make time for our weekly webinars. During these, he not only assists traders, but always makes sure to leave them with knowledge that can help them improve their personal experience in this outstanding financial universe.

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