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Our Customer Care Team is staffed with real people who care about you

We think great customer care makes or breaks a company, and it’s because of this very reason that we’ve taken the decision to place our awesome Customer Care Team at the very forefront of everything we do. Our team is headed by one of the very best Customer Support Managers around and she’s built her team around our simple philosophy, which is to pick super-friendly and knowledgeable people. Another plus of the Stratton Customer Care Team is that they’re fun to speak to. In fact, if we can bring a smile to your face as well as help you out with your account or answer your question, we’ve done what we’ve set out to do!

Welcome to the world of Strattoneers

Every member of the Stratton Customer Care Team is called a “Strattoneer”, and our guarantee to you is that every Strattoneer is ready and willing to go that extra mile for you and your needs. We know that you’re going to have questions, after all, this is online trading, so when it comes to making investments and trading, questions are aplenty. To preempt this, you’re going to be receiving a call and a few emails from your a friendly Strattoneer. Your Stratoneer will be on hand to help you get setup and started, but won’t be able to give you trading tips. That goes against EU regulation and it just wouldn’t be great if you took advice from anyone that wasn’t a certified investment advisor. The great news is that we’ve got a lot of trading education material you can take a look at!

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