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Trading CFDs can be risky and all capital can be lost

Here are just a few reasons why CFD traders are choosing Stratton

We know you’re interested in trading with a broker you can trust, as well as a broker that simply lets you get on with it. We’re quitely confident that you’ll really love trading Forex and the rest of the CFD gang with us.

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Trade your favourite FX pairs direct from your Stratton platform!

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We are regulated under CySEC licence 267/15 and registered in EEA.

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From the moment you open your account, dedicated support is just a call away…

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Place trades in just a click on our super-easy-to-use Trading platform.

Secured Withdrawals & Deposits

Secured deposits and withdrawals. What more could you ask for?

Gorgeous Trading Mobile App

Try CFD trading from anywhere with our Android trading app.

We’ve just made trading that little bit more interesting with our awesome Forex webinar range

Book your seat on one of our fantastic weekly webinars.

November 05

How you can Analyse the performance of the British Pound

5th November

6:00 pm London time

Set strong foundations by letting Michalis teach you the essentials, and learn how to properly analyse the GBP.

November 12

How you can use price Action Trading

12th November

6:00 pm London time

Learn how to conduct an advanced Technical Analysis by using the price action method, to get better at spotting trends.

November 19

How you can trade using the Elliot Wave Analysis

19th November

6:00 pm London time

Understanding how to use one of the most important financial analysis methods to identify promising opportunities.

November 26

How you can choose the right Indices

26th November

6:00 pm London time

Find out how to choose the right Indices to trade with, improve your strategies, and get your trading groove on the right way.

Our Market Educator, Michalis Efthymiou is a highly analytical, meticulous, and skillful trader, whose passion for the industry led him to work as a Financial Adviser in central London. This financial observer’s thirst for knowledge, motivated him to obtain a CeMAP and a CySEC certification.
Being a market enthusiast, Michalis spends his free time teaching economics and trading to college students, and when he’s not busy doing that, he builds trading academies in third world countries. And did we mention he’s the new host of our weekly free webinars?

We love great customer service and we’re sure you do too.

Tired of brokers that nag you to trade? Try us out. We’re strong believers in allowing you to trade the
way you want, plus our customer care is awesome!

Trade the Way You Want,

Here at Stratton, we’re into giving you choice, which is why you can choose from our desktop trading platforms such as MT4 and our Web Trader, or you can decide to trade anywhere with our awesome Android trading apps.

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